Who and what is Section 35?

This online resource was formed by a group of fathers that are currently experiencing the biased South African legal system, specifically with regards to custodial disputes and children’s matters.

We wish to make it clear from the outset, that we are entirely self-funded, non-profit and do not solicit money in any way or form. There are NO consultation fees, paid for private telephone calls, personal messages or any of those shenanigans. Why??

Because, to put it bluntly we have been collectively fucked over financially by S.A Divorce Industry Inc, it would inhuman to ask you to pay for information and experience that we wish to share freely. It’s time to say ENOUGH! We are unapologetically PRO FATHERS. Involving money in any way would corrupt and divert our focus away from our cause - providing free support and resource material to embattled fathers.

We also make NO recommendations to any service providers, because quite frankly we haven’t experienced any worthy of a referral. The system is beyond broken.

While our motives are noble and borne of necessity, we are fully aware that attempts will be made to derail this effort. In fact, we can guarantee it. There is far too much money involved in this racket, too many big egos and sociopathic personalities, and that’s only the legal fraternity. The juggernaut we face is government and various NGO’s purporting to act in “the best interests of the children”. Never has a term been so perverted and distorted to hide its true intentions; removing fathers from their children, breaking down the nuclear family and installing the state as the de facto head of the home.

In the first of a series of articles we will provide you with the big picture of how this industry works, who the players are and what to watch out for. It’s up to you to connect the dots and arrive at your own conclusion, you can be assured that whatever we provide will be factual. And although information is power, as you may have experienced no matter how much prima facie evidence you present to the court, it gets disregarded and thrown aside.

And finally, the most treasured and precious people in our lives, our children, the true victims of this tragedy. As part of the series we will discuss Parental Alienation, hostile aggressive parenting, tactics used to weaponize children against you and techniques to negate these.

Section 35 Forum
Section 35 Forums

Section 35 have created a web forum for fathers to sign-up and have discussions with other fathers going through the same troubles. We will offer various tips and ways for you to cope through this troubling time

We invite you to join us and share your experiences and help fathers going through tough times.

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